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Located at the heart of South East Asia, Malaysia borders the southern tip of the Thai peninsula and the northern portion of Borneo, her neighbours include Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Home to 23 million people, Malaysia is a melting pot of culture. Major ethnic groups include the Malays, Chinese, Indians and Indigenous people. Bahasa Melayu is the official language but being a former English protectorate, English is widely used and is the primary language of business.

With a GDP of $229.3 billion and a GDP per capita of $ 9,700 coupled with a growth rate of 7.1% she is a nation that has grown rapidly in the last three decades.

Transforming, herself from an agricultural economy to an emerging multi sector economy in rapid succession. Healthy foreign exchange rates, political stability, low inflation and small external debts are strengths that provide a healthy environment to investment.
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